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316LVM / 1.4441

Implant steel with improved corrosion resistance compared to AISI 316L.

Main fields of application of 1.4441

Osteosyntheses; bone screws, bone plates, marrow-nails. Also suitable for watch industry.

Chemical composition of 1.4441

C ≤ 0,030 Cr 17,0 - 19,0
Si ≤ 1,00 Mo 2,5 - 3,2
Mn ≤ 2,0 Ni 13,0 - 15,5
P ≤ 0,025 N ≤ 0,10
S ≤ 0,010 Fe rest`

Mechanical properties of 1.4441

annealed specification values (bars)
tensile strength Rm 490 - 690 MPa
elongation A ≥ 40%
cold worked specification values (bars)
tensile strength Rm 860 - 1100 MPa (higher values upon demand)
elongation A ≥ 12%

Sheets of 1.4441

dimensions kg/m2 tolerances
3,2 0,226 +0 / - 0.1 mm
4,5 1.013 +0 / - 0.1 mm

Bars of 1.4441

dimensions kg/m tolerances
6,0 0,22 h8
8,0 0,40 h8
12,7 1.01 h8

Further bars and profiles in different executions available upon request.

Delivery program

Various sizes and tolerances available upon request.

Services provided by our internal service center for 1.4441

We can provide various services directly in our service center. You save time, cost (internal or external) and don't need to find solutions for scrap management or handling of heavy plates and long bars.

Services suitable for sheets, plates, coils Services suitable for round bars
laser and waterjet cutting sawing of bars
shearing of sheets and plates bar marking
coil slitting turning machine
Material Outlet by Hempel

ECONOXX.com offers buyers a new and uncomplicated procurement channel, which also includes small quantities and materials in special alloys at favourable conditions.

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