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Alloy 201 / 2.4068

Alloy 201 has excellent resistance to many corrosive media from acid to alkaline and is corrosion resistant. Alloy 201 offers good mechanical properties within a wide range of temperatures as well as magnetic and magnetostrictive properties and useful thermal and electrical conductivities.

Material Data Sheet

Material Designation 2.4066/2.4068
Alloy Alloy 201
EN Material Symbol -
UNS N 02201
Trademark Nickel 99.2 / LC Nickel 99.2
VdTÜV Data Sheet 345

Main fields of application of Alloy 201

Alloy 201 is commonly used in food industry, but it is also in used vessels up to 600°C and sodium hydroxide evaporators up to 450°C. Alloy 201 is also often used in vessels for production of flour, hydrochloric acid or vinylchloride monomer.

Chemical composition of Alloy 201

99,00 0,02 0,2 0,35 0,04 0,01 0,1 0,25 0,15

Characteristics of Alloy 201

Temperature Range Material for wet corrosion
Density 8,9 g/cm³
Melting Range 1435-1445 °C

Filler metal (for welding with 2.4066/2.4068)

2.4155, 2.4620, 2.4806,

covered electrodes 2.4156

Delivery program

Sheets and Plates: 3 - 10 mm on stock

With short delivery time:

plates or sheets, tubes, flanges, forged or die-cut rings and round blanks, elbows, T-fittings, reductions, screws, nuts or washers according to your request. According to your individual wishes, we are able to cut our material with our plasma- or water jet cutter. Our material is stocked in superformats of 2000x6000mm. Cut to size on request.

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